How to use the Gestation Blogsite

This blogsite is designed to enable you to participate in the Gestation project by:

(a) reviewing and commenting on songs posted here by me (both original demos and new versions) and lyrics: you’ll find each song is individually listed as its own CATEGORY – click in to review original demo, lyrics, any new versions and commentary on that particular song; alternatively all original demos and new versions are also grouped together under the GESTATION AUDIO category, and all lyrics are grouped together under the GESTATION LYRICS category.

(b) getting details of and commenting on the live shows scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month from November 2009-May2010: for details of the nine shows, plus the guest collaborators for each month (where confirmed), go to the GESTATION LIVE category.

(c) enabling you to request me to perform up to three songs from my back catalogue (solo, The Fat Lady Sings or Alien Envoy) during the “special requests” slot at any of the 9 Gestation shows: post your three requests (in order of preference) in the GESTATION REQUESTS category and I’ll do my best to make your night.  (Remember to indicate which month’s show you’re going to be attending so I don’t end up performing your obscure 12-inch b-side request on a night that you’re not in the audience!)

(d) uploading images inspired by any of the songs to be considered for inclusion in the album artwork: if any of the songs here inspires you to produce an original (I don’t want to get sued for copyright infringement) piece of artwork (photo / painting / illustration / design / typographic treatment / whatever) which you feel captures the essence of that song for you – as literally or laterally as you wish – I’d love to see it and consider it for possible inclusion in the final album artwork.  I can’t promise to pay you a fortune if I use it, but you will receive full credit, plus my eternal gratitude.  Go to the GESTATION ARTWORK category for details of how to upload your images.


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