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Untidy (Live:Gestation 5, January 27th, with Oskar Saville on vocals)

February 2, 2010

Gestation 5: 3 new handheld videos…

February 2, 2010

…courtesy of the ever industrious bone idle waster:




Untidy AUDIO (Live:GESTATION 2, Oct 28, with Briana Corrigan on vox, Boo Hewerdine on gtr.)

November 2, 2009


September 1, 2009

Gently does it, born to be mild

I’ve been raising limbo

Ever since I was a child

Better safe than sorry, better just make sure

But better’s getting harder to endure

I won’t go quietly, I’ll make a fuss

I’ll be untidy for the two of us

I’ll be trouble, I won’t play ball

I’ll make all the big mistakes

That make it all worthwhile

Easy, easy, it’s so easy to talk

When you’re bulletproof and beautiful

You run before you walk

You do whatever pleases you

I do what I ought

But I’ve been biding my time

Gathering my thoughts

I’ll be messy, I won’t be proud

I won’t stop searching

Until I’ve found us both out

I’ll shout “action”, I won’t shout “cut”

And I won’t accept a single “if” or “but”

From anyone but

You’re so scared of consequences

But I still love the crime

To act without good reason

To cut across the rhyme

So forget your consequences

We’re only here one time

Let’s go squeezing out our meanings

Squeezing out our feelings

And keeping our untidness alive

Keeping our untidiness alive

Keeping our untidiness alive

Untidy AUDIO (original demo)

September 1, 2009