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I’ve Lost Your Way (Live:GESTATION 7, March 31st, with The Fat Lady Sings)

April 8, 2010

I’ve Lost Your Way AUDIO (Live:Gestation 3, Nov 25th, Sean Millar on guitar & bvs)

November 30, 2009

I’ve Lost Your Way LYRICS

September 1, 2009

Two spades for my hands

Two stones for your eyes

I’m speaking ancient Greek

You’re turning to disguise

That you’re playing now

In somebody else’s game

You’re dancing now

Round somebody else’s flame

I’ve lost your way

You’ve found your new road

And you’re not turning back

Re-writing your story

In code that I can’t crack

I’m choosing my words

But I’m choosing wrong

I’m standing now

Just where I don’t belong

I’ve lost your way

The way you have

The way you hold

The way you play

The way you fold

The way you hurt

The way you heal

The way you

Reinvent your wheel

The way you underestimate

Then hesitate, then meet your fate

The way you trust

In fantasy

The way that you

Believed in me

I’ve lost your way

I’ve Lost Your Way AUDIO (original demo)

September 1, 2009