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Hold On To Your Soul LYRICS

September 1, 2009

You have everything that you need

No-one has ever been who you can be

Such a pretty voice to use

Such a precious choice to choose

You don’t know what you’ve got to lose

Hold on to the vows you can’t keep

Hold on to the tears you won’t weep

Hold on to your thinking for two

Hold on baby to my hold on you

Hold on to your faiths and your fears

Hold on to your own strange ideas

Hold On To Your Soul

Light fades.  Doubt invades.

Certainty dies

Yet out there

Through the cold cold night air

Something beautiful still flies

It’s your hook just looking for its song

It’s your missing piece

Just looking to belong

You think you’re weak

But you are wrong

You are strong

Hold on to your scars and your cuts

Hold on to the ache in your guts

Hold on to the people who care

Hold on to the doubts you all share

Hold on to the joke they don’t get

Hold on though everyone else forgets

Hold on to your soul

If you want to reach out wide

You’ve got to reach inside

You’ve got to find it

You’ve got to mind it

You’ve got to hold it


Hold on

Hold on

Hold on

Hold on

Hold on to your soul

Hold on to your soul


Hold On To Your Soul AUDIO (original demo)

September 1, 2009