What is Gestation all about?

I have more reason than most artists to appreciate the power of a fanbase of true believers: members of the public paid for the pressing costs of each of my first two solo albums through pre-purchasing.

For my third solo album, scheduled for release next year, I wondered if I couldn’t harness that fan power in an even more profound – and also, I hope fun – way.

GESTATION is a 9 month project I’ve come up with to give those who care about my music a unique opportunity to witness and participate in the creation of my new solo album.

The GESTATION project is based around a series of live shows to be held Upstairs@Whelans in Dublin on the last Wednesday of each month, starting Wednesday September 30th.

Each month I’ll be performing with different collaborators, and trying out different approaches and arrangements, in order to arrive at the most compelling and exciting ways to record my new songs through the most useful process of all: playing them live to a room full of warm human beings.

And each month I’ll be posting recordings from these shows on this site, for people to comment on, make suggestions about or even contribute album artwork for.

Sometime towards the end of the run, I’ll bundle all this knowledge, feedback and musical genius into a studio and record those songs for real – and the last show in the series, scheduled for Wednesday May 26th will be the launch show for my new album.

If you’d like to be part of this project – and I’d love you to be – you’ll find everything you need to know about it here: dates of the live shows, original (very rough) demos of each of the new songs to date (I expect more to be added as the process evolves) plus lyrics for same, and details of how to upload images for consideration as artwork.

Looking forward to having this baby together…



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