GESTATION 9: A cast of thousands…

Amazingly, tonight’s show was the last of my nine month series – can’t quite believe that I’ve reached the end of the project. To celebrate, I invited back a whole bunch of generous-spirited musicians who’ve collaborated with me during the project to perform with me one more time onstage – this time in the larger downstairs room at Whelans. After a long and somewhat chaotic soundcheck, borne by all with exemplary good cheer and patience, we were ready to go. GEMMA HAYES travelled specially to play a gorgeous opening set to a large and rapt crowd. Then I took the stage with – in order of appearance – ANN SCOTT , COLIN MORRIS, EMMALINE DUFFY-FALLON, BIATCH, SEAN MILLAR, PETE PAMF, BILL BLACKMORE, JOE CHESTER, BRIANA CORRIGAN and BOO HEWERDINE. Here’s what we played…

Save Pluto (Ann on bazouki, Colin bass)
Donnybrook (Ann on synth, Biatch and Sean on bvs, Emmaline on drums)
Small Loads (acapella with Biatch)
Everything’s Wrong (with Colin & Emmaline)
I’ve Lost Your Way (with Colin & Emmaline, plus Sean on electric gtr, )
Unreasonable Sex (with Colin & Emmaline, plus Pete on electric gtr & Bill on trumpet)
Arthur Ashe (with Colin, Emmaline, Pete and Bill)
Kingfisher Blue (with Bill)
Bitter Batter Bee (with me on banjo, and Joe on acoustic gtr)
Anaesthetic (with Colin, Emmaline & Joe)
Untidy (with Briana on vox, Boo on acoustic, Colin on organ, Emmaline on drums)
45 (with Colin, Emmaline & Boo)

We encored with

Arclight (with Colin & Emmaline)
World Exploding Touch (with Colin & Emmaline)
Infrastructure (with Colin, Emmaline, Pete and Joe)

A fabulous night was had be me, and I think by most others too, judging by the response afterwards – and everyone went home clutching their individually-numbered copy of “Nine Lives” by Alien Envoy, the name I’ve decided to adopt for my new musical endeavours.

I’m really proud of this little record, and of the unique way that it’s been brought into being – and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who’ve supported me through the process, especially those who’ve taken the trouble to read and respond to this blogsite. To all of you who’ve offered opinions, artwork and encouragement – a very sincere thank you. You’ve made this record too.

I’ll post again soon with further news, but in the meantime I think I need a lie-down…


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