GESTATION 9 – the grand finale…

On Wednesday May 26th, I’ll be playing the ninth and last show in my GESTATION project in the main downstairs room in Whelans – and I’ve something very special planned for this momentous and celebratory occasion. Well three very special things, in fact…

1. I’ve asked back many of my guest collaborators from throughout the project to join me onstage to reprise our finest moments together. Welcome back (deep breath) BOO HEWERDINE, BRIANA CORRIGAN, ANN SCOTT, JOE CHESTER, SEAN MILLAR, PETE PAMF, BILL BLACKMORE, COLIN MORRIS and EMMALINE DUFF-FALLON (aka MISS METRONOME).

2. The fabulous GEMMA HAYES will be performing a special guest slot beforehand – if you’ve never heard or seen her live, you’re in for a treat.

3. Everybody who pays into the show will receive a FREE LIVE CD, limited edition and individually numbered, featuring nine tracks gleaned from the best performances recorded over the nine months.

Plus… anybody holding a loyalty card from previous months will get in FREE (and get their CD too).

It’s going to be a really great night, so if you’re at all within striking distance of Dublin 8, do come down.


2 Responses to “GESTATION 9 – the grand finale…”

  1. Erik Thibado Says:

    I loved the gestation 8 show – it was a treat and well worth re-arranging the vacation to attend. I wish I could have made number 9, but commuting from Wisconsin was just a bit too expensive.

  2. gestationproject Says:

    You’re very kind to say so, Erik. Hopefully I’ll manage to get somewhere closer to Wisconsin when the album is recorded and released. In the meantime, do stay in touch and thanks again for your support, really appreciated.

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