GESTATION 8 – you asked for it

For my penultimate show, I promised to leave my new songs to one side and play a complete set of songs from my back catalogue as requested by my fan. Tactical voting threw up some surprise results – no “Arclight” in the top 17! – but also lots of treat. Gerry Murtagh won the hotly-contested prize for the best cover suggestion with Prefab Sprout’s “We Let The Stars Go”. After a a lovely scene-setter from Steafan Hanvey, I sang the following (“Arclight” was given a wild card entry at the end of the night)…

Walking Back To My Heart
Fear And Favour
Show Of Myself
Johnny Sunrise
Grey And Blue
Faint Heart
New Star
Mystery Of Love
Loneliest Ghost In Pere Lachaise
You’re Gonna Fall
World Exploding Touch
We Let The Stars Go (for Gerry Murtagh)
Horse Water Wind
Drunkard Logic

Thanks so much for suggesting such an interesting selection and for coming out to listen.


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