Gestation 6: Brassy & Sassy

For Gestation 6 I was reunited with my trusty rhythm section of Miss Metronome (playing hot rods rather than sticks tonight) and Colin Morris, and joined by both Pete Pamf on funky guitar and Bill Blackmore and his mate Peter on trumpet and tenor sax respectively. I think this was the best band show to date – really enjoyed the glue that Pete’s guitar brought to proceedings and from now on I want to have a brass section with me at all times, not just onstage! I’m particularly pleased with how some of the louder faster tunes turned out.

Full set as follows…

Hold On To Your Soul
New Star
Everything’s Wrong
Save Pluto
I’ve Lost Your Way
Infrastructure (w/pete)
Small Loads
Kingfisher Blue (w/brass)
Arthur Ashe (w/pete+brass)
Unreasonable Sex (w/pete+brass)
Anaesthetic (w/pete+brass)
45 (w/pete+brass)
World Exploding Touch

Roll on Gestation 7 when I’ll be joined by none other than … ta-rant-ta-ra (see what I mean about necessity of brass in all aspects of daily discourse)… The Fat Lady Sings! Tim and Dermot are flying in together with live keyboard whizz Alistair, with Dublin based drumming legend Binzer completing the line-up. Should be great night, plenty of TFLS favourites plus TFLS-versions of a few of my new tunes too. book early to avoid disappointment.


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