Gestation 5: stripped down packed out

For the poorest month of the decade I took the controversial (for my long-suffering agent Madeleine in particular) decision to strip out almost every cost item – including band, crew, merchandising, transport and even advertising – and to to charge just €5 in (to date it’s been €17). So I duly drove myself to the show, set up all my own gear, wore one of my own t-shirts to publicise my artist-manned stall and played (with two notable exceptions I’ll come to) a stripped-down solo show. Trying to keep costs low wasn’t the only factor, of course – having spent four months’ shows playing these songs with a stellar array of collaborators, I was really interested to see how they sounded with just me on my own-io. Anyhow, it was a really fantastic show from my point of view – and the joint was packed, which made it all the sweeter. It hasn’t been as easy as I’d thought to fill the room to date – recession / mid-week / babysitter demographic combination maybe – but this month’s triumph on the doors has really made me think again about ticket price. To be clear, even if I sell out the show at €17 I only just break even – but it’s more important to me to be playing to a full room if I can afford it. So I’m really grateful for everyone who showed up this month, and I’m going to make a really big effort to keep the ticket prices as low as I can without actually wrecking my album budget for the next few shows. (For February’s show – on the 24th – I’ll be playing in full band mode with special input from funkiest man in Ireland PETE PAMF, and I’ll charge just €10 in. So do come, and do spread the word.)

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t totally alone onstage – very generously donating their time and talents for the equivalent of a pint of beer, Roland Gomez (hang drum, tongue drum) and Oskar Saville (vocals) each added their own very distinctive and superlative talents to the night (Roland also played a gorgeous support slot beforehand). The set list was…

Mystery Of Love
Untidy (with Oskar Saville)
Arthur Ashe (with Oskar)
Everything’s Wrong
Small Loads
Donnybrook (with Roland Gomez)
Bitter Batter Bee (with Roland)
Save Pluto (with Roland)
I’ve Lost Your Way (with Roland)
Hold On To Your Soul (with Oskar)
When Doves Cry (with Roland)
Horse Water Wind
Dronning Maud Land
Grey And Blue


2 Responses to “Gestation 5: stripped down packed out”

  1. Alan Says:

    Hi Nick,
    Really enjoyed the January show. Personal favourites from the night:
    Save pluto
    Small Loads (I really hope this makes the album – love it!)
    I’ve lost your way
    Arclight and Dronning Maud Land were stunning – great memories listening to you playing those. Grey and Blue was new to me, really loved that too.

    We’ll be back at the end of Feb for the next one – hoping to hear Kingfisher Blue live, I think that’s my favourite from the new ones.

    Good luck with the rest of the project!

  2. gestationproject Says:

    Thanks so much for all that Alan – gave Kingfisher Blue a rest for G5, will definitely have a pop at it again next show.

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