Gestation 4: strings attached (and Joe too)

For my post-Christmas Gestation 4 show I decided to take advantage of regular drummer Miss Metronome’s absence (skiing in Austria is her story) to stage an especially ethereal evening, featuring the talents of string arranger Darragh O’Toole and the Softly Swelling Strings he specially convened for the night. I was doubly blessed to be joined by my friend and ace guitarist / singer / producer Joe Chester, who insisted we play using mics rather than DIs (ask a techy friend to explain). Really enjoyed this one, especially as I decided (and announced) that rather than play an encore, I’d just stay onstage and keep playing until the time was up – less embarrassing all around, given the lack of a backstage area to loiter. I was so pleased with the results (and Brendan and Ian who record and mix were so accommodating) that I’m actually posting up 6 new recordings this month (including two completely new tunes). Here’s the setlist in full…

Small Loads
Dronning Maud Land
Save Pluto
Infrastructure (with Joe)
Anaesthetic (with Joe)
Hold On To Your Soul (with Joe)
Kingfisher Blue (with The Softly Swelling Strings)
Christmas In The City (Orla’s Song)(with The Softly Swelling Strings)
Arthur Ashe (with The Softly Swelling Strings)
Everything’s Wrong (with The Softly Swelling Strings)
Bitter Batter Bee (with Joe and The Softly Swelling Strings)
I’ve Lost Your Way (with Joe and The Softly Swelling Strings)
You’re Gonna Fall (with Joe)
The Loneliest Ghost In Pere Lachaise


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