Songwriter’s Prayer AUDIO (Live:Gestation 3, Nov 25th)


5 Responses to “Songwriter’s Prayer AUDIO (Live:Gestation 3, Nov 25th)”

  1. LifeIsNot4Sale Says:

    Hadn’t listened to the demo or read the lyrics but I really enjoyed this version and the way the guitar sounded. This was a really accessible and easy listen and simple humble lyrics. I think it will appeal to anyone who has had any kind of dream and has felt doubt. This is great in its current form and I can’t wait to hear anything else you’ll do with it. Its an instant fave with me.

  2. gestationproject Says:

    Glad you like it. I wrote this back when the International songwriter night was closing down some years ago and I ended up organising the recording of two last shows to spawn a tribute album. Having set it all up, I realised that somebody should at least try to write a song about the weird phenomenon of the songwriter open mic, so I had a go before the second date. Written in about 2 days, almost a record – live recording to be heard on “Songs From A Small Room”, but probably very few people have heard that so just thought I’d throw it into the mix.

  3. Andrew D. Huber Says:

    [Bizarre…I just finished listening back to several live tracks I have from a handful of my shows from the end of last year, and thought I would check in with Gestation before calling it a night. First random click I make on the category bar is this one. Like a knock-out punch the song captures many of the random thoughts I had as I am trying to do some early stage mixing. Fantastic & bizarre.}

    Enough prelude rambling though – great song with a very honest touch to it. Quickly resonates with the listener and has that great mix of melancholy and hope.

  4. Joe Hackett Says:

    Gestation 9 was great. This is a beautiful song, outstanding performance. Well done.

  5. gestationproject Says:

    Thanks Joe, much appreciated – really enjoyed singing this one at G9, maybe because I didn’t have to worry about keeping in time with anyone else!

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