GESTATION 3: November 25th

Silver leopard Nick with Emmaline, Colin (back to camera, despairing of his G string), Shelly, Caroline, Brian and Sean (playing in orchestra pit as no room onstage)Beautiful chaos abounds. By far the most people to date on our wee stage – in addition to myself, Emmaline and Colin we had both my friend and songwriter-hero Sean Millar and also the wonderous Shelly, Caroline and Brian of Biatch. Despite diverse technical problems – no spare bass strings, drunken punter spilling drinks over young roadie David’s tuner, elbow jostling and mic-height-adjusting throughout – a very energised and enjoyable night. Showcased three songs that haven’t been heard before (“Cast Adrift”, “A Songwriter’s Prayer” and “Anaesthetic”) and also squeezed in several TFLS numbers plus one each from Running Dog and Between Trapezes. That setlist in full…

Small Loads (with biatch)
Cast Adrift (with biatch)
Donnybrook (with biatch & sean)
Hold On To Your Soul (with biatch)
Songwriter’s Prayer (nick solo)
Dronning Maud Land (nick solo)
Infrastructure (with sean)
Arthur Ashe (with sean)
Christmas In The City (with sean)
Anaesthetic (with sean)
I’ve Lost Your Way (with sean)
Home Boy (with sean & biatch)
45 (with sean & biatch)

Walking Back To My Heart (nick solo)
Arclight (with sean)

I’ll be uploading mixes of a couple of the foregoing within the next few days.

In the meantime, thanks so much for everyone who came down to play and to listen.


4 Responses to “GESTATION 3: November 25th”

  1. Stefan Says:

    Hi Nick
    As we dropped in at Whelan’s last Wednesday we didn’t know what to expect. But we enjoyed a great gig! And it was interesting talking to you afterwards. Thanks for the Guinness by the way… ;-). Keep up your good work and I hope I’ll see you sometime somewhere again. There are some nice clubs to play in Zurich!
    Cheers Stefan Zurich, Switzerland

  2. gestationproject Says:

    Thanks very much for coming, and for your kind words. I’d love to play in Zurich when my new album is finally delivered! I’ll definitely keep you posted – and do check in here yourself to hear and see how things are developing. Very best, Nick

  3. sean millar Says:

    hi nick .great songs.i love the sound of ‘i’ve lost your way’ and’ donnybrook’.and photo of large band on small stage.people like me need wound g’s or else we sound permanently out.hope chaos wasn’t all attendant on my presence . best of luck with the rest of them.its going to be a great record -hope my contribution was helpful.

  4. gestationproject Says:

    Thanks a million for your contribution, brilliant ideas and great fun. Chaos very equally shared out I thought, and the show none the worse for it. Really appreciate all, N

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