Untidy AUDIO (Live:GESTATION 2, Oct 28, with Briana Corrigan on vox, Boo Hewerdine on gtr.)


8 Responses to “Untidy AUDIO (Live:GESTATION 2, Oct 28, with Briana Corrigan on vox, Boo Hewerdine on gtr.)”

  1. john Says:

    great song writing and guitar, i heard about you on bbc radio2 driving back to dublin from belfast …

    suggestions none for this one (bit of your vocal about 3:05) but the emotion works.

  2. gestationproject Says:

    Thanks a mill for that – yes, a croaky moment (late in the show, nursing cold), but like the version generally so hoping that people can screen out that wee blip. (We won’t be including the croak in the final recording. Unless people really really like it.)

  3. Tom Conway Says:

    I think this song sounds great as a duet.

  4. Chris Rigg Says:

    Wow Nick! This really shows how a song develops. Really interesting to compare this with the original demo. Your vocals sound so much more confident, and Briana (this MUST be a duet between you two when it’s finally released) and Boo add their little sparkle. Love it… I wish the UK wasn’t a plane ride from Whelans!

  5. Tony Mac Cárthaigh Says:

    Gestation 2 was a really interesting night of music which to my mind lived up to the billing. I intend to get back at someother stage of the journey. Can’t comment on all numbers……..loved you’re opener and A.Ashe esp’. Lovely understated backing from the band on this one but was’nt too keen on the baby-doll vocals of your co writer. Best of luck.

  6. Rob Gartenberg Says:

    This song has great potential. The duet idea is refreshing, but I’d like Briana to move away from such ‘girly’ vocals and go for something suitably untidier (your vocals are untidy enough anyway 😉 – you’re a natural). If you take this one into the studio maybe you could roughen up the edges, with some untidy overlapping/echoing/sampling and add some fuzz to the music.

  7. paddy fitzhenry Says:

    Nick, I heard you perform this song on the Ryan Tubridy radio show this morning and was blown away by its quailty…… it sounded just perfect i am no musical expert but i know what i like and i really really liked this, well done and best of luck with the project, i will certainly make my way to whelans in January….thanks.

  8. steafán Says:

    This song resonates with me in many different ways.
    Class songwriting.
    Looking forward to hearing it live again.

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