Kingfisher Blue AUDIO (Live:GESTATION 2, Oct 28, with Boo Hewerdine on gtr.)


3 Responses to “Kingfisher Blue AUDIO (Live:GESTATION 2, Oct 28, with Boo Hewerdine on gtr.)”

  1. john Says:

    again great songwriting, need to know if you a band or this is your preferred format (accoustic piano &Gtr)

  2. gestationproject Says:

    I’m a solo artist, but really like having a band around me whenever I can afford it. For these shows, I’m playing piano and acoustic and electric guitars myself, and working with a rhythm section, plus whatever instruments my guest collaborators bring to the party. You’ve made me realise that so far the tunes I’ve posted have been on the quieter end of my spectrum, but next month’s show (Nov 25th) I’m being joined by my friend Sean Millar, who’s keen to focus on making some noise, and also by the vibrant Biatch Collective on massed vocals, so I’m thinking that the band side of things will be more emphasised in the next set of songs I upload. Let me know what you think.

  3. Rob Gartenberg Says:

    Typically good nk lyrics, but this song isn’t easy to carry off and I believe it needs more than just piano accompaniment. How about introducing guitar (and suitably watery fingerboard/fret noise) for the second verse and then maybe letting the kingfisher put in an appearance with a distant musical splash at some stage. The cut-off “you” is effective once, but how about extending it as the song progresses? Just an idea…

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