Donnybrook AUDIO (Live:GESTATION 1, Sept 30, Ann Scott on kbd)


3 Responses to “Donnybrook AUDIO (Live:GESTATION 1, Sept 30, Ann Scott on kbd)”

  1. Eileen McMahon Says:


    Like it…haunting…
    Start with “named for a fair…..
    The music that follows the last line of the first chorus after the word “old” is beautiful and i believe the opening music of the song.
    I dont know what you have planned for this production wise, but I would definitely like to hear this melody caressed and opened up.
    You are a great writer. Rewrite the first verse. Either it was muddled or it didnt impact me. I know what you can do, and that’s less.

  2. gestationproject Says:

    Thanks for that Eileen. Have to admit that of all the new songs that I’ve written this one is one I’m least likely to change the lyrics of, for a whole bunch of personal reasons – I don’t know how it’ll impact other people, but I think I’ve just got to sing it all. Production wise, I’m exploring, but really love the atmospheres of the keyboard part Ann came up with. Probably leave the electric guitar in its case anyway

  3. Eileen McMahon Says:

    Ill have to revisit Eglinton Road and look for your ghosts. Mine walk down St Marys Roads in Ballsbridge. Dublin, the perennial muse.
    I love the song.

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