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October 30, 2009

Really enjoyed last night’s show – great crowd (both size and attitude).  I feel like I’m really finding my feet with the songs (I could do with some more guitar lead discipline in my life, and a little less Les Dawson, but we’ll sort that for next month).   Emmaline arrayed her drum kit with coloured fairy lights, wore a frock, rocked out and sang some backing vocals for the first time (on Arthur Ashe).  Colin played some very tidy organ on Untidy and Providence as well as his customary groovy bassing.  My friend and special guest collaborator Boo Hewerdine joined us onstage throughout to play acoustic and sing the odd bv.  And Briana Corrigan came up to duet on Untidy, which we wrote together some time back.  It was all too beautiful, really (and quite sweaty to boot).  Here’s what we played:

Small Loads

Everything’s Wrong

Kingfisher Blue

I’ve Lost Your Way


Save Pluto


Arthur Ashe

Christmas In The City


Untidy (with Briana)

Hold On To Your Soul



And by way of an encore, we did:

Grey And Blue

Drunkard Logic

Lover’s Easy To Say


Earlier Boo performed his own brilliant set, which included several of his most famous  tunes (Patience of Angels, Bell Book and Candle) plus songs from his just released album God Bless The Pretty Things.   To add further magnificence to what was already a gorgeous listening experience, Boo called his friend (Hebridean folk star) Alyth McCormack up to sing with him on a couple of songs.  He also said very droll things in the gaps between.

Thanks if you came down, sorry if I couldn’t squeeze in your own request (had to draw three from the proverbial hat), hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Will be uploading a couple of new mixes by Monday (2nd) for your ears and comments.


Arthur Ashe AUDIO (Live:GESTATION 1, Sept 30, Ann Scott on bv, kbd)

October 6, 2009

Donnybrook AUDIO (Live:GESTATION 1, Sept 30, Ann Scott on kbd)

October 6, 2009

Small Loads AUDIO (Live:GESTATION 1, Sept 30)

October 6, 2009


October 5, 2009

I will have my little home

With my own washing machine

And I will wash in just small loads

Until everything is clean

I will plant a window box

I’ll have the neighbours round

Once I have got a door that locks

And I can hold my ground

And I’ll never have to think of you

So probably I will

Just light a fire and listen to

The water as it fills

No I’ll never have to think of you

It’ll be much simpler then

Just light a fire and listen to

The spin cycle end

Gestation 1 (Sept 30th): the strip turns blue…

October 1, 2009

Despite years of gigging, and days of rehearsal, I was quite nervous when I took the stage – it’s been a while since I played with a full band behind me, and I felt strangely innocent.  But Colin and Emmaline played a blinder from the off, and by the time Ann joined us onstage for the first of the 6 tunes we’d worked on together I was well settled in.   I also debuted a new song, Small Loads – so new, in fact, that I haven’t even managed to demo it yet – which I’m really pleased with (it’s only about a minute long, but it’s a good minute).  The full set we played was as follows:

I’ve Lost Your Way


Everything’s Wrong

Kingfisher Blue (Ann on keyboards)

Small Loads

Christmas In The City (Orla’s Song)

Unreasonable Sex

Infrastructure (Ann on Electric Guitar)

Donnybrook (Ann on keyboard)

Arthur Ashe (Ann on keyboard, vox)

Untidy (duet with Ann)

Save Pluto (Ann on bazouki, vox)


Hold On To Your Soul

For an encore, we played three more familiar tunes:

The Loneliest Ghost In Pere Lachaise


World Exploding Touch

If you were one of those early adopters who made it down to last night’s show, thanks so much for the really warm and attentive reception – it’s quite scary to play an entire set of unrecorded material, but probably even scarier to listen to, so I really appreciate all the kind things that people said afterwards.   (And do keep those little loyalty cards safe – they’ll make beautiful things will happen for you as the project progresses.)

I also recorded the whole show ( thanks to Dave, Ian and Brendan for incredible levels of efficiency in getting the whole thing set up so seamlessly) and will hope to be uploading a couple of what I guage to be the more interesting new versions we played by early next week.  Check them out, let me know what you think.

For next month’s show, on Wednesday October 28th, I’ll be joined onstage by my mate, the Cambridge-based songwriting powerhouse that is Boo Hewerdine (last seen accompanying Eddie Reader in the National Concert Hall) as well as Colin and Emmaline.  Boo’ll also be playing a full special guest slot of his own, crammed with hits and wry commentary.  Put it in your diary, it’ll be great.