Any requests?

In addition to showcasing my new songs, I’ll be playing a “special requests” slot at each Gestation show – and here’s where you get to do the requesting.  Post your three favourite songs from my back catalogue (in order of preference) in GESTATION REQUESTS and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.  (Make sure to indicate which month you’ll be attending so that I don’t end up playing your obscure 12-inch b-side request on a night when you’re not there.)


5 Responses to “Any requests?”

  1. Gerry Murtagh Says:

    Hi Nick,
    My request for 3 ‘oldies’ on Wed 27th Jan – if possible..
    1. Grey & Blue
    2. Mystery of Love
    3. Horse Water Wind

    Cheers – see you Wed

  2. gestationproject Says:

    Hi Gerry

    Thanks for that – not sure I’ll get the three in (there’s some competing requests) but will definitely do my best.

    See you there,



  3. Tom Conway Says:


    My wife and I will be at Gestation 6, looking forward to it. Hope you can play some of the following;

    A Message

    See you there!

  4. gestationproject Says:

    Hi Tom

    Delighted you can make it – I’ll definitely have a shot at “Republic” for you, the other two I’m not sure I’ll manage (can’t even remember how to play “A Message”). Do come up and say hello, and thanks for all your support.


  5. Tom Conway Says:


    Thanks for a great gig and playing Republic for us. It was great to meet you again too and have a chat. You really look like you’re enjoying the whole Gestation process, getting to play with different people each time. I guess the only difficulty coming up will be deciding who will play with you on the album! 🙂

    Tom and Adrienne

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