Unreasonable Sex AUDIO (original demo)


5 Responses to “Unreasonable Sex AUDIO (original demo)”

  1. Tom Conway Says:

    Good to hear this song again. I saw you playing it live in Oxford a few years ago, with high-energy acoustic guitar. I reckon that arrangement brought over the frustration of the song very well.

  2. gestationproject Says:

    I’ve had it around for a while. It’s kind of my gay disco hit idea – a not very serious song which nevertheless expresses a profound truth.

    I’m hoping for a pretty open minded gospel choir to help me out…

  3. Sarah Morrison Says:

    ‘Disco hit’ covers this nicely. I read the lyrics before hearing it and got a bit worried but when I played it the band, the choir, the sweat were all there and the tongue – or whatever body part you care to mention – was firmly in the cheek. I look forward to a fast, loud, slightly messy but ultimately good fun version. And the song, too ; )

  4. Eileen McMahon Says:


  5. Tom Conway Says:

    It’s so hard..It’s so long..brilliant!

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