Save Pluto AUDIO (original demo)


6 Responses to “Save Pluto AUDIO (original demo)”

  1. Banners Says:

    This is one of my favourites – poetic, lovely chords, great hook, and the quick-step vocal is very effective at making it exciting.

    Not quite sure I get the first line about Turkey – it seems to be a bit out of place…? Also, the word “trump” has quite an ugly sound and sticks out a bit – would “beat” be better?

    The “Save Pluto” line in the chorus is very quick and the lyric (and, indeed, the whole theme) is so good it could maybe be savoured a little more. A second voice here accompanying the main vocal a little slower might sound nice – just the two words “save Pluto” half as fast (d, B, A). You could do this used under “Please don’t grow” as well.

    This time I can imagine quite an organic acoustic sound, maybe a piano – perhaps no drums? I definitely hear a solo trumpet, both for the middle-8 whistling bit, and on the closing “bada-ba-ba” riff, a simple melody which would be nice to use elsewhere in the song too.

    Finally, on the way I’ve set up a playlist, “45” comes afterwards, and sounds sublime – they really resonate with one another. I wonder if they will eventually end up being together on the album?

  2. gestationproject Says:

    Thanks for all those thoughtful notes, Banners. Lyrics really write themselves for me – sometimes over an excruciatingly long period of time (though this one came quite quickly) – and I’ve learned to trust my body as regards why I use particular words over other ones. This song was inspired by my older son, and at least some of the lyrics are more or less direct quotes from him – notably the first line. I know that “trump” is kind of an unusual word to find in a song, but I like it all the more for that. Also to my mind it has a subtly different and I think richer meaning than “beat” would: it’s not like fear won’t still be there, it just won’t be quite as powerful a force as “surprise”. Interesting idea about track listings – it’s aeons away, so who knows, but often I do find songs tend to clump together on both set lists and albums from a surprisingly early stage in the development.

  3. Banners Says:

    Here’s a couple of versions of an idea for potential artwork…

    1. Graphic style
    2. Photo style


  4. Alan Says:

    I’m late to the party commenting on this, but I really loved this song. So beautiful to capture those feelings for your child, very touching at the end which is amazing in a song that has such an upbeat, vibrant feeling.
    Really looking forward to seeing the show next week. And “trump” is a great word to use: it’s much more positive than “beat” and fits in much better with the tone of the song. Can’t wait to get the album when it comes out!

  5. gestationproject Says:

    Thanks for those really kind words, Alan. Really like this one, not sure if I’ve quite cracked the live arrangement yet but I’m trying…

  6. Alan Says:

    Well, I played it for my wife last night and she ended up crying, so you’re definitely doing something right!

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