I’ve Lost Your Way LYRICS

Two spades for my hands

Two stones for your eyes

I’m speaking ancient Greek

You’re turning to disguise

That you’re playing now

In somebody else’s game

You’re dancing now

Round somebody else’s flame

I’ve lost your way

You’ve found your new road

And you’re not turning back

Re-writing your story

In code that I can’t crack

I’m choosing my words

But I’m choosing wrong

I’m standing now

Just where I don’t belong

I’ve lost your way

The way you have

The way you hold

The way you play

The way you fold

The way you hurt

The way you heal

The way you

Reinvent your wheel

The way you underestimate

Then hesitate, then meet your fate

The way you trust

In fantasy

The way that you

Believed in me

I’ve lost your way


2 Responses to “I’ve Lost Your Way LYRICS”

  1. jonnie cahill Says:

    hi nick

    hope all is well with you, I was listening to you on the radio recently and thought you absolutely nailed this track, its fantasic. Cant make the next show, the joys of telco marketing, but will be hitting my first nick kelly show before Christmas. I’m at O2 now, you should check out http://www.o2blueroom.ie, perhaps you could do a guest spot for us on blueroom TV ?

    Anyhow, glad it all seems to be going well


  2. gestationproject Says:

    Hi Jonnie

    Many thanks for those kind words, love to see you at any of them. Next month’s one (Nov 25th) is with Sean Millar, my mate and genius songwriter, and he’s promised to make me turn everything up to 11, so we’ll rock or explode. Will also definitely check out O2blueroom.ie, always delighted to get into me Sunday best to perform for the camera!

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