Infrastructure LYRICS

Piece by piece the scaffolding falls from

The fresh stone

And who truly knows if what they’ve built can

Truly stand alone

But like it or not

You’ll see someday

In the hardest way

All that you’ve got

It’s not like buckeroo, one thing too much

And you explode

It’s more like Jenga – just the last piece holding

The load

Happens to be gone

And your plan

Just simply

Can’t go on

You never doubt your


Till you’re without your


And it’s all about your


Pray for structure

Hold your structure

Guard your structure

Love your structure




2 Responses to “Infrastructure LYRICS”

  1. Tom Conway Says:

    Really like the lyrics of this one Nick, especially the “doubt, without and about” triplet – simple but effective. Like the buckaroo / Jenga references too.

  2. gestationproject Says:

    Thanks very much for that, it’s very recently written so I’m still getting used to it myself!

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