Hold On To Your Soul AUDIO (original demo)


6 Responses to “Hold On To Your Soul AUDIO (original demo)”

  1. Barbara Koppelberg Says:

    After listening to the first few songs, this one just had me thinking “if this is a first rough demo… what’s it going to be like when it’s finished?”

    Congratulations, Nick, this is sooo good, it will definitely be on my list of special songs for the next few months… :o)

  2. gestationproject Says:

    Hi Barbara – don’t know how you tracked me down so quick (site was only just launched), but thanks very much for your kind words – and for being the very first contributor to Gestation.

    I’ve had “Hold On To Your Soul” in my locker for a good while, and in fact did record a version during the “Running Dog” sessions with an African gospel choir and a huge guitar riff in the instrumental section. I didn’t think the end result quite worked, but it was pretty interesting. Let’s see where I get to this time out.

  3. Banners Says:

    Heh, I can almost hear how that African choir might have worked on the big chorus, especially around the 3 minute mark. I guess they were just doing the initial “hold on” bits of the lines in a call and answer style?

    Difficult to comment on these songs, Nick, seeing as anybody inclined to want to offer feedback is likely to consider you a genius(!) It’s going to be a bit like looking at that ceiling in the Sistine Chapel and telling Michelangelo he’s missed a bit…

    I’ve downloaded the MP3s and they make for a great little playlist – some definite highlights and embryonic classics already. They’re going to be on repeat, so expect a few more comments in the next few days. Hope that’s okay…!

  4. gestationproject Says:

    The more the merrier, Banners. Yeah, it was a call and response kind of thing. Thanks for those very kind words, I’m sure some people will be able to express many examples of my fallibility pretty quickly, but nice to have a honeymoon…

  5. Gary Holden Says:

    Back in the days of the single preceeding the album, this would have been the perfect choice. It will still be although the general structure of music purchasing has changed/is changing. This certainly captures my ears and makes me want to hear more. Have you devised a track listening yet?
    There’s a feel for a full band on this one, not too sure about the African choir though.

  6. gestationproject Says:

    Thanks for that, Gary – I’m glad you like it, I do too.

    I’ve never been great at choosing singles (“Arclight” was originally slated to be the extra track on a 12 inch – we thought “Behind Your Back” was the big song!) – but I do know that most of my favourite tracks by other bands are “growers” which probably would never have been singles, still less in the download era, hence my affection for the album as an artifact.

    I haven’t devised any track listing yet, nor indeed decided what tracks will be on or off. In general I reckon about 10 tracks is the right length for an album – and I do plan to add several more contenders into the pot as soon as I’ve got them finished.

    The strange thing about all recording projects is that some songs grow during the process and some shrink – very often the runts become the stars and vice versa – so I generally always start off with at least an album and a half’s worth of material.

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