Donnybrook LYRICS

Eglinton Road, always Autumn

Bonfires fight with the wet leaves

Then fog and cigarettes and gum­

Butterflies fast for evening

The bar in Longs three deep in ghosts

Those who’ve gone,

Those who’ve gone to seed

And somewhere there, newly afloat

Trying to look old, there’s me

And there’s you

Named for a fair, Then for a fight

Now just a chi-chi shop

That stays open half the night

But never troubles the cops

Church alter made of marzipan

Outside the obelisk proclaims

Someone unknown even back then

Cars fret for lights to change

Then they’re gone

I hold the key

The key holds me

I hold the key

The key holds me


3 Responses to “Donnybrook LYRICS”

  1. Tom Conway Says:

    Hmmm, bit of a grower, this one. The first time I heard it, I thought it might work better with spoken words, a la Johnson, but second time around it remind me more of But. I suppose, having written so many great songs, there’s a danger of making a new song sound too much like an old one.

  2. gestationproject Says:

    Thanks for those kind words, there are dangers of all kinds everywhere when you start making records! “Donnybrook” is actually one of my favourite things I’ve written of late – check out the new live version recorded at GESTATION 1 with Ann Scott adding some atmospheric keyboards.

  3. Tom Conway Says:

    The atmospheric keyboards certainly help. I like the short instrumental break after “and there’s you”. The song needs a few breaks to allow the listener to picutre the images created by the words, before moving on to the next idea. It’s like eating a good meal, where you have to take your time to savour and digest the food.

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