Donnybrook AUDIO (original demo)


2 Responses to “Donnybrook AUDIO (original demo)”

  1. Banners Says:

    This is the very definition of a “grower” I reckon. Didn’t stand out initially from amongst the demos, but is now a joy to listen to.

    Am not an expert, but does the time signature change for a while from 4/4 to 3/4? [1:10 and 2:20] Not sure how to describe it, but very effective. Don’t think you need anything else on this – though a solitary Danny Thompson-esque double bass alongside the piano could work very nicely?


    • gestationproject Says:

      Thanks very much for that, Banners, it’s one of my favourite things I’ve written of late. Ashamed to say I can’t answer your query off the cuff because I’m always a bit vague with time signatures, even when there’s a drummer around to ask.

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