Christmas In The City (Orla’s Song) AUDIO (original demo)


5 Responses to “Christmas In The City (Orla’s Song) AUDIO (original demo)”

  1. Paul Maclean Says:

    Hi Nick,

    Loved the song – feels as if you are singing about some real and personal stuff and it engaged me for that reason. Definitely worth persevering with this song.

    I did feel a little bit baffled by the wording at the back end, ie the 4 lines beginning “No snow ever lay so….” which left me unclear what it was that Orla replied to your entreaty. I deduced that she turned you down but maybe the wording could have been a bit sharper in keeping with the clarity of the rest of the lyrics.

  2. gestationproject Says:

    Hi Paul

    Many thanks for that, really appreciate the feedback. Sort of a short story / snapshot type of a song. The lyric of the last verse is a play on the words of the carol “Good KIng Wenceslas” – “the snow lay all about, bright and crisp and even”. I often think that women are much tougher and more practical than men when it comes to break-ups; you know you’re a goner when your girl looks at you with a look that’s “bright and crisp and even” – she’s made up her mind, she’s already left the room.

  3. Andrew D. Huber Says:

    Hi Nick –

    Greetings from the Chicago area 🙂 Great idea on the Gestation project and wish I could hop the pond for some of your shows.

    Love this song in both demo and alien envoy form. Lyrically very real and the vocals come across as almost uncomfortably honest (almost). It’s dark and cold and hopeful all at the same time.

    Not sure what direction I would go in instrumentation wise were I in your shoes with this one. A semi-stark approach maybe?

  4. gestationproject Says:

    Really appreciate those kind words, Andrew – the pond’s not so wide, maybe you’ll find a way! I was pretty happy with the Alien envoy version, so I feel that I do have that lush string-driven approach more or less down (though no doubt it could be pushed further), so my instinct is to try a couple of other approaches over the next few months.

  5. LifeIsNot4Sale Says:

    Absolutely love this song. Love how those initial lines and piano bits really paint a picture that evokes Christmas and puts you in the singers place. Its a desperate plea but with such a vulnerable edge that I find it genuinely heartbreaking. Think you voice sounds excellent in this demo and the strings you suggest above will be a welcome addition. Hope you post the version with Sean Millar.

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