Kingfisher Blue LYRICS

I run alone along a long and lonely path

Hard by the secret river that cuts through the city’s heart

No one pursues; nobody I’d be bothered to pursue

I run alone just hoping for that flash of turquoise blue

I walk in crowds of strangers in a strange and crowded street

I fish for eyes, and hold my gaze with every eye I meet

I walk in crowds, I wait for accident or luck or you

You’ve made me wait – you’re always late and beautiful and blue

Kingfisher Blue

So hard to find, so clear, so true

Kingfisher Blue

Kingfisher Blue

Here I am.  Where are you?

Take every word with just a pinch of disarray

Take every thought as far as it will bear for you to take

And take the chance today will be the day your run takes you

To where you glance just fleetingly that flash of turquoise blue

Kingfisher Blue

I find you then lose you again

Kingfisher Blue

Kingfisher Blue

I’m still here.  Where are you?


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